Posted on March 5, 2021


The model that was used to rig the US presidential election was first tested back in April when Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both went to Racine, WI and shilled for a referendum to give an obscene amount of money ($1,000,000,000) to the Racine Unified School District. The referendum PASSED BY FIVE VOTES and the fraudulent results were confirmed by a recount and upheld in court.https://journaltimes.com/…/article_6603b168-1461-511a…https://journaltimes.com/…/article_ab6110a8-4e52-52df…https://www.fox6now.com/…/there-are-rules-in-voting…Let me repeat that. In April of 2020, Joe Biden shilled for a rigged referendum in Racine, where the fate of one billion dollars was determined by five votes, then confirmed in a recount and upheld in court. 7 months later, Joe Biden coincidentally “wins” the 2020 presidential election by similar hair-splitting margins in multiple swing states. The results are almost certain to be upheld in recounts and the courts because the model employed to steal the election for Biden is the same model that he shilled for in Racine, which stole $1,000,000,000 from Racine County voters and effectively gave control of the money to an organization known as Higher Expectations for Racine County, which is run by BILL CLINTONS WISCONSIN CAMPAIGN MANAGER, Jeffrey Neubauer.Any Supreme Court case(s) will be rigged and AMY CONEY BARRET WILL BETRAY TRUMP. This will happen because she is connected to a group of Catholics associated with St. Catherine of Siena through her father Mike Coney, the Deacon of the St. Catherine of Siena Parish (a Catholic school).The Racine Dominicans are closely associated with St. Catherine of Siena. They run the Siena retreat center on Hunt Club Road and provide financial support to Siena Catholic Schools, where ACB went to school (Fauci was also given an honorary degree from Siena College); The Racine Dominicans were founded by Mother Benedicta BAUER who is almost certainly related to the actress Kristin BAUER van Straten, the sister of Bill Clintons WI presidential campaign manager Jeffrey NeuBAUER. In fact, Kristin Bauer van Straten even changed her name from Neubauer to Bauer because she was proud of her lineage.The Racine Dominicans have also been involved in Haiti for decades which is where Amy Coney Barrett adopted her children from. There are now TWO Supreme Court Justices that have been involved in very suspicious adoptions (John Roberts is rumored to have obtained his children through John of God), so it looks like the threat of adoption scandals will be hung over the heads of at least two SCOTUS Justices.The presidential election could not have been rigged (and the peoples’ response to it could not be controlled) without first testing a blatantly rigged, high-stakes election somewhere obscure (like Racine), and then using the result as a model for rigging the presidential election, the recounts, and the court cases that inevitably ensue. If you want to expose this fraud, you need to start asking VERY LOUDLY why Joe Biden was involved with an outrageous and obviously rigged referendum earlier this year. If you spread this information you will know you are over the target because you will be attacked by shills relentlessly. Screencap this for when I am right and no matter what happens, never forget this fact:https://poal.co/s/QStorm/215833