We Do NOT Have a President-Elect.

Posted on November 30, 2020


It seems that people are refusing to understand the Constitution. In our country, we do not elect the president via the popular vote. Nor is the president elected by media projections. The incumbent conceding that his opponent won doesn’t elect the president either. Our President is elected when a committee of electors known as the Electoral College meets and votes for President.

These electors are selected by the states according to which Presidential candidate won a majority of votes during the general election. Once the election is certified and the electors appointed the Electoral College will meet and elect the President.

As of today, the mainstream media is the only organization proclaiming Joe Biden is the President-Elect. As of today, the incumbent Donald Trump HAS NOT CONCEDED DEFEAT. As of this writing, the Electoral College HAS NOT MET. Therefore, until President Trump concedes defeat or the Electoral College elects Joe Biden President of the United States, NO ONE is the President-Elect.