Gun Free Zones Are Where Mass Shootings Happen.

Posted on April 11, 2019


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Yet @thedemocrats defend gun-free zones. They fight to preserve them. From my column at @wearebreitbart —> “Gun-free zones present attackers with a setting in which they can confidently shoot innocents without fear of armed resistance. In other words, they deal out ultimate harm to others without fear of facing any harm themselves. Therefore, it not surprising that 97.8 percent of mass shootings in the U.S. between 1950 and May 2018 occurred in a gun-free zone, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. Wow, 97.8 percent. Yet the Democrats respond to mass shootings with calls to ban AR-15s, expand background checks, restrict magazine capacity, and more. But none of these laws get to the core issue, which is that terrorists and criminals are attacking places where they know their targets cannot fight back; places where 100 percent gun control–via gun-free policies–render the people sitting ducks. For example, Breitbart News reported that Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (D) responded to the October 27, 2018, shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue by signing a ban on shooting AR-15s within city limits. This response to heinous Tree of Life attack is illogical, as it was already illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits, just as it was illegal to murder innocents. Neither of these laws mattered to the Tree of Life attacker, and they will not matter to other determined attackers. … As long as there are gun-free zones there will be mass shootings. And it is the height of inhumanity to keep students, teachers, professors, and worshipers trapped in defenseless positions, all for the sake of furthering an anti-Second Amendment political ideology.” @andrewpollackfl @weaponoutfitters @donaldjtrumpjr @kimberlyguilfoyle @thick_blueline @governorabbott @thesilentmajority_ @millennial_republicans @hillsdalecollege @gunnerationx @nationalrifleassociation @sebastian_gorka #awrhawkins #schoolsafety #gunfreezoneskill #gunfreezone #selfdefense #secondamendment #2ndamendment

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