The President Shirked His Constitutional Duty! The Media Was Quiet!

Posted on May 28, 2017


For the past eight months, the liberal left in the media, and the democrats have been going crazy as they try to prove a lie. The 2016 democrat nominee for President, Hillary Clinton,simply cannot handle losing to Donald Trump. She, and her campaign have been on an eight month search for a boogeyman from Russia who “colluded” with Donald Trump to steal the election from her.
This narrative is a complete lie and they know it.

What the media and the democrats are refusing to even consider is why would President Obama declare multiple times that there was no way the Russians could tamper with our elections? Do the democrats and the media understand that President Obama received intelligence and security briefings daily? Are the media and the democrats so blinded by their hatred of President Trump that they fail to remember that Obama was still the president on election night? If the Russians tampered with the 2016 presidential election, PRESIDENT OBAMA KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT!
He was given intelligence briefings ahead of time which may have shown the Russians were planning to interfere. If the president believed the Russians were going to interfere with the election and set it up for a Trump victory as Hillary, the democrats, and the media suggests, then why didn’t President Obama try to stop the Russian interference.
President Obama had a CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to protect the integrity of our presidential election. President Obama had a CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to protect the United States from a Russian cyber attack and meddling in our elections.

If the Russians truly interfered with our presidential election, and President Obama did NOTHING to stop it, then he shirked his CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY as President of the United States. By shirking his CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY, and allowing the Russians to meddle in our presidential election, it was President Obama, NOT Donald Trump who colluded with the Russians.

Perhaps President Obama secretly wanted Hillary to LOSE the election. Why else would he stand idly by, shirk his CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY, and allow the Russians to steal the election from Hillary as the democrats and media would have you believe?

I do not believe that President Obama shirked his duty as president on election night. It is because I do not believe that President Obama shirked his duty and allowed the Russians to interfere with the election, that I do not believe the lie Hillary, the democrats, and the media are selling to the American people. Collusion with the Russians DID NOT happen. Hillary LOST plain and simple. It is SHE who is refusing to accept the results of the election. She is a sore loser that ought to retire and fade away