Investor’s Business Daily, HuffPo Columnist Agree: Hillary Should Withdraw

Posted on March 31, 2016


Who says that there can’t be occasional agreements across the partisan divide? The free-market, liberty-loving editorial board at Investor’s Business Daily and a Bernie Sanders-supporting columnist at the Huffingon Post agree on one thing: Hillary Clinton should withdraw from the presidential race. Okay, IBD wants her to “suspend,” while HuffPo’s H.A. Goodman says she should “concede.” Both missives declare that Mrs. Clinton’s withdrawal should be based on the FBI’s criminal investigation into her “homebrew” server and her alleged reckless treatment of classified emails and the information contained therein. Here’s the dirty little secret the establishment press won’t acknowledge: Mrs. Clinton’s criminal and other problems simply must have impacted her horrible losses in five of the six most recent nomination contests.

Source: Investor’s Business Daily, HuffPo Columnist Agree: Hillary Should Withdraw