Louisiana Will Fine Anyone Wearing Saggy Pants

Posted on March 27, 2016


Terrebonne Parish, LA passed a law that makes wearing baggy pants in public illegal, charging $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense, and $100 plus mandatory community service for a third offense. The ordinance, which states that exposing undergarments below the waist is “contrary to safety, health, peace, and good order of the parish and general welfare” has already sparked debate among the Terrebonne community. “To make laws of governing social differences is a slippery slope to the level of government that we do not allow,” claimed local resident Ida Moore. She is not the only town member who is concerned that the new ruling is a violation of sorts. Jerome Boykin, the group’s president, however claims that the ban is designed to benefit the people of Terrebonne. “This is not a black issue; this is not a white issues; this is a people issue.” Some of Boykin’s concern stems from the origin of the trend, “Young men who were in prison who wanted to have sex with other men would send a signal to another man with his pants below his waist.” Despite the concerns of town members of the legitimacy of the law and whether or not it will work, it looks like it is here to stay for now. Local council Vice Chairman Russell Hornsby suggested that local authorities re-evaluate the baggy pants ban after a year.

Source: Louisiana Will Fine Anyone Wearing Saggy Pants