Posted on April 29, 2015


by Stephen McElroy

Regardless of how the media tries to spin the story, Hillary is NOT the only Democrat qualified to be President. download Vice President Joe Biden is arguably much more qualified than Hillary Clinton. His experience as a Senator alone, far exceeds Hillary’s short lived time in the Senate. Biden served 26 years in the Senate vs Hillary’s 8 years. To date, Biden has served 6 years as the #2 person in the chain of command, Vice President of the United States. Hillary, well she was the Presidents’ wife for 8 years, but she was the Secretary of State,or #4 in the chain of command for 4 years. Vice President Biden fought the war on women by developing and passing the Violence Against Women Act to fight it. Hillary, well she talks about it. However Vice President Biden isn’t the only democrat that is more qualified to be President than Hillary. No, there are others serving on Capitol Hill that are more qualified than her. 

download (1)For example, Nancy Pelosi is more experienced at leading the nation than Hillary. She has served for 28 years as a member of the House of Representatives. For 4 years Pelosi  served in the #3 position in the chain of command,The Speaker of the House. When Hillary was the President’s wife, she talked about health care reform. As the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi PASSED health care reform. While Hillary talks about clean air, as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi passed the Cash for Clunkers act which helped remove thousands of smoking cars from our roads. Nancy Pelosi is a fine example of the strong democratic leadership that at 3 am., Hillary dreams of.

These are two examples of the fine leaders the democrats could offer as competition for Hillary. Frankly, both are better choices, if experience matters. Both are better choices if accomplishments mean anything. The American people want choices. They do not want to be dictated to.