Thank You President Obama!!!

Posted on August 5, 2011


 Jimmy Carter, take a bow!  As bad as your economic policies were, you were never responsible for the United States losing their stellar credit rating.

 Although 66% of the American people and the representatives in the House of Representatives supported Cut, Cap, and Balance, President Obama and Harry Reid said “dead on arrival”.  Instead, the two of them held America hostage and demonized the American people for daring to demand that this country have a balanced budget and cap spending.

According to William Wilson of the Washington Examiner, the only budget plan that the S&P would have considered a responsible plan was the Cut, Cap and Balance plan that passed the house.  The one plan that could have saved the AAA+ stellar credit rating enjoyed by the United States was  demonized daily by the conservative phobic  left wing media, democrats in both houses, the President, and was “dead on arrival” according to the leader of the senate Harry Reid.

Instead of doing what We The People told them to do, and enacting common sense budgeting practices, the Speaker of the House John, the crybaby, Boehner, House Minority Leader Princess, Nancy Pelosi, The Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Let’s Make a Deal “McConnell, met in secret closed door meetings.  The purpose of these secret meetings, was to hammer out a bill designed to spend trillions of dollars we do not have, set up a super committee to force legislation down our throats without a debate, and bash the tea party movement in America.

The ultimate result of the “great compromise” is the continued ignoring of the American people, printing and spending phony money that we do not have, and becoming more dependent on Communist China for our debt payments.

Today the credit rating of the United States, was reduced to an AA+ rating from the stellar AAA+ rating that we had.  Yet, instead of dealing with this problem responsibly, President Obama is insisting that the credit rating agency, S&P, made accounting mistakes and that we need to rape Americans with higher taxes.  Like a vampire looking at a crucifix, the President turns his back on the American people and repudiates any notion of referring a balanced budget amendment to the states for a vote.

 Even the young teenaged Americans working their first job understand that they cannot spend more money than they are paid.  However, if they do get in trouble with their finances, the problem is likely due to inexperience and youth.  You, Mr. President, are 50 years old.  Youth is not the problem.  However, you do come across as immature with an attitude of an out of control teenage boy.  Constantly blaming other people for your mistakes, partying with the stars, and spending the American taxpayer’s money irresponsibly, by sending your wife, kids, and mother in law on world tours, are shining examples of your immaturity.  Having the mentality of a teenage boy, as it relates to your tax and spend economic policy, is the only excuse for the irresponsible attitude that you have taken toward today’s announcement of the downgrading of the credit rating of the United States.  Our country is in trouble, it is your fault, and you need to grow up and take responsibility for what you have done.  Your star struck teenager days are done!  We do not need a constant flow of demagoguery coming from the Whitehouse, we need true leadership, and we need it now!  Let me suggest something that has worked in the past.  Cut the budget, balance the budget, cut the red tape, and get government out of our way!  If you do those things, business will grow, people will go back to work, tax revenues will increase dramatically, and the United States might get its stellar AAA+ credit rating back.